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[[From Stock Superpowers Discussion]]

Seth: How about merging X-ray and heat as Vision Powers - could also include telescopic and microscopic vision in there (Superman had a lot of powers - fear his super knitting)

Kizor: Not to mention his super-mathematics (a.k.a. algebra), his super-ventriloquism and his super woman's intuition. The story with that last one was slightly disturbing.

Ununnilium: I think Heat Vision deserves its own entry, though — it's certainly common enough. And linking Vision Powers to X-Ray Vision is a compromise that's worse than either option.

Seth: True, what about Laser Vision? A lot of villainous characters seem to have it, and it is a stock power of the Mecha-Mook. (Actualy Laser Eyes might work better)

Ununnilium: Laser Eye Beams! I think this'd go well.

Seth: Hmm but maybe without the Laser bit tagged on.
Willbyr - I'm moving this example here, as I have no idea what media it comes from.
  • Subverted in A World Gone Mad, where during a fight in a construction yard, psychokinetic psycho Sool screams "EYEBEAMS!!" when attacking the heroes with... I-Beams.