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Seen something of interest in a work of media, but you don't know what it is an example of?

You know, that thing where...?

Examples that have since found a home:

Gunnerkrigg Court

The Slippery Skid
  • Something slick like oil, or slippery like a jar of marbles, is poured out on to a floor, and a targeted character slips, skids and falls. I see it in broad physical comedy a lot. Is it just a Banana Peel? Something different?

Telepathic Sneeze
  • An Anime Trope where Alice discusses Bob out of his earshot. When then cut to Bob, who sneezes. A western version is "My ears are burning". Saw it in the Pokémon ep "If the Scarf Fits, Wear It".

    • Seems to have been launched as Sneezing

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