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Shire Nomad: The examples on this one have been escalating; it looks like this originally started as just the controlling mother or mother-in-law, but it's developed into female heads of the family who are truly evil in the traditional definition.

Blue Byrd: Rather than adding it on at the bottom, I stuck Agrippina in between the two other Roman-history examples, since that made for a nice triptych with some added chronological continuity. Hope that's OK with everyone.

Robert Bingham: Don't much mind at all. I was the one who added the "more dramatic media" description as a response to seeing a good number of examples of the latter kind of Evil Matriarch on the page, and seeing lots of links to that page on other pages that describe the latter kind of character. When you've got a trope name like that, it's kind of inevitable.

Orihime: Removed this from the Code Geass example. The person who added it didn't bring up links to the "supplementary material from the ongoing Word of God", which throws off the whole issue and makes it look more like Complaining About Characters You Hate

  • Recent supplementary materials from the ongoing Word of God fleshing things out suggests no, she really IS evil, claiming she was a heartless, selfish bitch from the Knights Of Round that helped Charles usurp the throne and would have been fully willing to seriously injure or kill Lelouch to stop him from ruining everything at the end. She didn't exactly gain any motherly points with her approval of the Mind Rape Charles inflicted on Lelouch AND Nunnally, as well as the fact that she signs off on a plot that involved her daughter crippled for life, and her "beloved" children shipped off to Japan and left to the wolves because Ragnaraok would reuinite them anyway. Lelouch points out the bullshit in their Knight Templar Parent routine before he has God finish them off. Charles and Marianne only loved their children superficially.
  • Link, please? This sounds a rather... interesting turn. And This Troper has seen people from other fandoms say "All There in the Manual materials say 'x'", yet never presenting the supposed "proof" behind such claims. (Remember the "Interview where it's said Trowa WAS a rape victim" fisco, Gundam Wing fandom?)
  • Lack of a link might mean the troper above noticed a similar description of Marianne on the current version of her wikipedia profile. Checking both, neither offer any links, so the validity is unclear.
  • That's what I thought, as well as the reason why I was asking. =)