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Working Title: Evil Is Sexy: From YKTTW

  • TClaymore: Sorry if this looks like image-whoring. After the image was taken off Draco in Leather Pants, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the image and caption fit this entry better anyway.

Nornagest: Excised this from the Sins entry:

***That's probably part of his punishment as part of the series Ironic Hell. He was good looking in flashbacks. Also none of the sins in Sins really qualify as evil.

Fan Wank, Natter, and Justifying Edit. One more and you'd have a home run!

Does this trope apply to the character of Tory Foster in Battlestar Galactica (when she became aware she was a Cylon?)

Why are all the characters in the image male? Can't we guys have fap-fodder, too? [sniffle]