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Originally from YKTTW- proposed by Silent Hunter.

billythehick: you wouldn't believe how nerdishly proud i am that a trope i named and initiated has become a chekov's pun. wheeeee!

Duckluck: And here I was just about to protest this page for being a Chekovs Pun. It should at least link to Everything Sounds Sexier in French.

Edit: and now it does.

Cassy: Do Belgian Francophones count? ...nevermind, I can be a fake French woman. Bonjouuuuur.
  • BTW, how much of a Double Entendre is Beauxbatons? I mean, it means "beautiful sticks"...

Silent Hunter: Yeah, but Charlize Theron is a white South African.

Furiko Maru: Dude, if you're gonna complain about Unfortunate Implications, you should try not to provoke them; you've just left yourself wide open to the "Are you saying all Africans are black? Way to completely dismiss the Berbers!" complaint. It's like saying Sarah Silverman doesn't count as a hot American because she's Jewish.

Silent Hunter: I'm saying that sexy black Africans (and Berbers) are largely ignored as one of the two names just invoked is a white South African who has spent much of her life in the USA.

Furiko Maru: Well, there isn't a globally prominent entertainment industry anywhere on the African continent, so obviously people are going to name the few Africans they do know from the American films and tv, which, let's face it, have never had a great reputation for promoting a wide selection of beauty.
Silent Hunter: There's at least three Canadians missing from that list. What do they feed people over there?

Furiko Maru: Well, there's a smaller selection of junk food here than there is in the States (I had no idea what a Jack In The Box was when I was a kid - those were some seriously weird commercials in the late nineties - and I hadn't heard of White Castle until I saw Harold & Kumar). That might have something to do with it. Overall, I wouldn't say we're fantastic-looking, but then, I've lived here my whole life and can count the number of genuinely ugly people I've seen on one hand.

... I should stop gloating now. Bad Furiko!

Turkish Delight: I can't help but think this trope loses a lot of it's force when practically every ethnic group of any size on the planet makes an appearance in the examples list. And yet at the same time it would be pretty pointless without examples, and so long as there are examples there will be someone who finds some ethnic group or another produces more good looking people than another and includes it.

Interesting problem. Can anyone think of a way to clean things up a bit?

Das Auto: Indeed, this page needs love.

Das Auto: Did a lot of cutting and trimming. I also opened a thread in the Trope Repair Shop. Here it is.