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Silent Hunter: Didn't Stalin love his mother?

Amadeous: What about Ness from Earthbound/Mother 2? He's traveled around the world, fixed a crisis in nearly every town he's ever visited, went into a journey into his own mind to destroy the evil that lurks in it, and finally destroyed an embodiment of evil itself. Yet, through all this, he can still get Homesick that can only be remedied by a call to his mom. The only think I think that can keep this out is that he's only about 12, and isn't exactly a "bad dude."

  • Epically subverted by Tony and his mother in The Sopranos. She even put out a hit on him. He killed her instead
    • [[It's been a while since I've watched Season 2, but I'm pretty sure Tony doesn't kill his Ma. He sure thinks about it though.]]
      • He didn't kill her. The character was killed off in the beginning of season three, after the actress died.

So, not an example.