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Renamed from The Enemy Within.

Hi: What about the Star Trek episode "The Enemy Within"?

Ununnilium: Well, we don't usually make entries for specific episodes (though someone could, if they wanted to). Or do you mean "is it an example of this trope"?
Citizen: Shame, someone beat me to it with the picture. Put here in the meantime.

Seth: Your image is about ten times more awesome though - and it would fit better with the page.

Fast Eddie: I suppose there is some anime somewhere that explains how this is about the enemy within, Citizen. To me, it is just "Sad boy with dragon." Helps to remember that — activity of the anime folks here aside — nowhere close to all the readers know anime.

Seth: Good point, i don't get the current picture at all either. Just looks like a guy in shadow. I found out by looking at the filename that he was "Mr chalk" then looked for it in the examples. What we need is like a picture of someone looking in a mirror at another person or something.

Citizen: It's a chapter cover for the Tsukihime manga. That's his imagination; he had a dream that he was killing people, ripping off limbs, etc... He wakes up, goes to the alley of his dream, and sure enough, carnage. So now he thinks that there's some crazy murderer side of himself. *updates the Tsukihime example* A dragon? Please.
Uknown Troper: Moved the Soul Nomad example to Sharing a Body. Seemed more appropriate, since Gig didn't originate within the main character.

Spectrum: I removed the Kamen Rider Den-O reference, since here the "enemy within" is NOT himself but external possessing entities.