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Working Title: Elite Mooks: From YKTTW

Bobby G: Is Evil Temp a division of Trope Co.?

Earnest: As temporary acting chairman of Trope Co. I most emphatically deny any such allegations! We here at Trope Co. are not aligned with the forces of evil (but the forces of profit)! However; if it should so happen that we own 102% of Evil Temp Ltd. through various untraceable shell companies, subsidiaries, and "unaffiliated" shell or proxy companies, well, that's entirely coincidental...

(OOC: This was a spurr of the moment writing thing. I don't want to wear the tropeco thing too thin, and various shows do actually have an equivalent to Evil Temp, so I thought it might be funny to write it as an advertisement. That, and the above about tropeco being "affiliated to the forces of profit" is true, they sell tropes to anyone regardless of moral alignment.) The previous statement is off the record, the chairman was off his medication and speaking of an entirely different topic! Any use of the above information will be subject to litigation.

Ecliptor Calrissian: The page entry is certainly cute, but suffers from major Distracted By The Shiny: I get finished reading it and still have no clue what an Elite Mook is, and how it's different from Giant Mook, or even standard Mook (if Imperial Stormtroopers count.) So... what is an Elite Mook, and do you apply it directly to the forehead?

Earnest: Ok, clearer now?