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Daibhid C: While I doubt that TV writers have done more than skim a synopsis of the concept (or, more likely, copied it from someone else who has), doesn't the idea of the Fifth Element being Spirit or Energy, or maybe even Heart, stem from Greek ideas about Aether/Quintessence?
  • Nobodymuch: I doubt it stems from that so much as independently arises from the same line of reason, that covering all the material states of matter already, the fifth element has to be something less material.

Connect 2 Reality: If we really think about it, the 4 elements have simply been modernized and generalized into the states of matter: solid(earth), liquid(water), gaseous(air) and plasmic(fire).

Edgukator: The "classical elements" on this page are a particularly western view. Both the Japanese and Chinese have a different set of five elements. The Chinese are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. The Japanese are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Void.

Marq FJA: The Heart article describes a personality trait, not a superpower, element, etc. Isn't there a better alternative?