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Sikon: The Daleks, three times? I counted four, since every encounter with the Daleks in the new series so far has taken place on or around Earth: 2012 USA in "Dalek", 200,100 Satellite Five/Earth orbit in "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways", 2007 London in "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday", and 1930 New York in "Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks".
  • Shale: I counted their appearance in "Daleks in Manhattan" as an extension of "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday"; since the Daleks there escaped through time-travel, they never left Earth.

Silent Hunter: We probably ought to mention RTD's defending this by saying that no-one cares about people from "Planet Zog".
Seven Seals: "Why on Earth would the capital of the Federation, Earth?" Because the humans started the Federation, or at least the initiative for creating it. Of course, you can then ask why humans would be so special and why the other races would go along with making the capital the human homeworld, but still.
Lale: I don't understand the Sailor Moon example. Every one of the girls (past lives) is from a different planet except Earth.

Ununnilium: The solar system, here, is basically an extension of Earth.
Shire Nomad: Moved this to Insignificant Little Blue Planet, which seems to be the generic subversion of this trope.
  • Cowboy Bebop goes in the other direction - Mars is the center of civilization, while Earth is just a mostly abandoned dirtball, with constant meteorite peril.

Issek Of The Jug: Why the spoiler tags around the current status of Mars? I know it was a surprise in 1975, but I think (and hope!) it qualifies as publicly available knowledge these days.

Haven: I think it's the same reason Jesus's Heroic Sacrifice is always put in spoilers. Whatever that is ;)
Vampire Buddha, seeking out and destroying natter wherever he finds it.

  • Perhaps it's related to the fact that in Starfleet, every human comes from the Earthling home of their ethnicity: Picard the Frenchman from France, Keiko from Japan, Scotty from Scotland...we never seem to see, say, someone whose Russian grandparents settled in Australia, or a Martian human of Korean descent, or someone from a small Jewish community in a large city on Vulcan. Does the Federation have strict laws against emigration and miscegenation we haven't heard about?
    • That is true for the most part, but there are a number of prominent examples of what you seek. William Riker was born in Alaska. Beverly Crusher was born on Earth's Moon. Travis Mayweather was born and raised on a cargo ship. Seven of Nine, Tasha Yar, and Chakotay were born on various Federation colonies.

Haven: "In The DCU, Earth is not only the target of most of the weirdness and disasters, it's also literally the center of The Multiverse." If I remember correctly, isn't Oa the center of the DCU? Or has that been retconned?

Robert: Removed the subversions and aversions, since they're already on their own page: Insignificant Little Blue Planet. Otherwise, the pages would just end up duplicating each other's example lists.

ArcTan: Removed the "real life example" of Galileo, since it does not, in fact, really fit this trope except in name only -- and the person you want for the heliocentric solar system is Copernicus, not Galileo, anyway. (It is true that a heliocentric model of the planets is the first step toward an Insignificant Little Blue Planet view of the universe, but there's a long long way to go from there.