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Andrew Leprich (the nitpicker): Just wondering, is the name really right for this? The word dynamic seems to strongly imply a fluctuating, constantly-changing difficulty level, along the lines of Rubber Band A.I. or something.

Ununnilium: Not to me; the name "feels" right from my perspective. And it works with the dictionary definition.

Andrew Leprich:

Yeah, definition #4 fits.


Mister Six: Actually, I agree with Andrew's initial statement. When I saw the name "Dynamic Difficulty" I thought it was talking about games that automatically adjust the difficulty to match the players' skill level (Devil May Cry 2) or power level (Final Fantasy 8), or which make the game easier if they keep messing up (GTA: SA, Shenmue).

Andrew Leprich: Hmmm. Anyone else want to chime in?

Cort Jstr: What Mister Six said. Dynamic Difficulty implies constant, reasonable changes to difficulty to match player performance. Rubber Band A.I. strikes me more as when the game will suddenly become exponentially more difficult or downright impossible due to computer cheating like in sports games.

Janitor: Fast Eddie is a GMC GD. He says "dynamic difficulty" is used around "the shop" to refer to algorithmic (therefore rational) increases in difficulty. He also said if I bug him with one more thing from Tropes he will cause me to die in a hair fire. I'm pretty sure he's kidding.


Ninjcrat: Is there a consensus to change this? Right now it's just a list of 'this game allows to to choose a difficulty level lol', which could be easily expanded to include 90% of all games ever made.

It's sort of like listing 'volume control' as a television trope.

Anonymous: As described at the moment, this seems to match Rubberband AI in substance. Shouldn't one of them (probably this one) be deleted?

Cliché: Well, if anyone would like to verify this, be my guest. (07/22/09)

  • This might be his imagination, but similar to the above, this troper feels that after gaining enough victories in versus matches of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, even the level one CPU will seem to get more challenging.