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Man Called True: Every time I fight Garr at the mentioned point in Breath of Fire 3, I win the fight. If it's possible to advance even by losing, I wouldn't know, but it's far from being a Hopeless Boss Fight.

Cosmetor: I think you should have obscured that boss's name with a spoiler tag.
Cosmetor: I removed the following example, because most of the Kirby games are one-character games. In games where you are allowed helpers, like Kirby Super Star, they are also allowed in the mentioned boss fight.
  • Every battle with Meta Knight in the Kirby games is like this, with Meta Knight refusing to start the battle unless Kirby is using the Sword ability. He leaves a sword wedged in the ground for you to use if you don't have it, because he's honorable like that.

Clarste: Re-removed kirby examples for the same reasons.
  • Kirby Super Star has you duel Meta Knight in "Revenge of Meta Knight." The game forces you to pick up the sword power, as Meta Knight won't move until you pick up the sword lying on the floor. (The game flashes "GET IT!") That said, if you wait long enough, Meta Knight will run out of patience and take you on with whatever power you currently have.
    • The Nintendo DS remake adds a King Dedede duel at the end of "Revenge of the King." He won't show up until you pick up the hammer he offers.

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