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Claire89: Why do people include their own real-life examples? I'm sorry, but this isn't story-time. This is about male characters in fictional media who are mistaken by other characters for women.

Sciatrix: Launch a Troper Tales entry, then. I'd do it, but I have no idea how to and I'm too lazy to look it up.
Spider: Some of these entries would better appear under Viewer Gender Confusion. This trope here deals with men who are mistaken for female by fellow characters, not by viewers.

bluepenguin: For the above reason, removed the Dorothy of Oz and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann examples.
Spider: Removed Mrs. Doubtfire example and will move it to Transvestite will not move it to Transvestite, because that trope seems to deal with men who dress as women for recreational purposes, as opposed to Robin Williams' character, who had an external agenda. If you disagree, you are welcome to add it to Transvestite at your leisure. \\Also, I apologize for the 983942 edits it took to get the page layout readable.
Eponymous Kid: Okay, wow, does the dude in the page picture not look like a lady, like, at all. This page seriously needs a new picture, like, super immediately, you know?

Ecliptor Calrissian: Hey, he looks like a woman... just not a very pretty one.

Twe Twe: The quote does say, "... and his ugly girlfriend..."

Headfullofimaginary: We could use a new picture. I say this because there are probably better fitting pictures of that person.

Citizen: For the sake of getting that picture out of the way, here's one of Alto. Any better?
Soushi Okita in Peacemaker Kurogane actually dresses like his sister, who is a more effective spy. I really can't say more until I figure out how to put spoiler tags in here.
  • Asexuality: WHEN YOU'RE JUST *THAT* UGLY (i remember following wikipedia to some weird forum, photos were a total freakshow...)

Sciatrix: Really? Good god, I can't have been the first asexual editor to see this and get offended. May I suggest that the editor in question take this opportunity to screw itself?
Removed these examples, because these are Viewer Gender Confusion. It's in the damn article, people.
  • Cecil after becoming a Paladin in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV looks creepily feminine. The fact that his voice sounds like a 14-year-old boy's doesn't help.
    • There is a piece of artwork for the DS version in which barely any character looks male. You honestly, honestly would not think that Edward/Gilbart was a man.
  • While a part of his chest is clearly visible, this troper recalls a friend asking "Please tell me that's a man" when seeing Yuri for the first time and being horrified when he opened his mouth and a very masculine voice came out. Worse, this straight and male troper got some Stupid Sexy Flanders moments out of Yuri.