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  • For good measure, this game also has Mickey Mouse dual-wielding Keyblades.

Lucid Seraph: I don't remember this at all. Roxas ABSOLUTELY does; Axel does with chakrams; Larxene does with twin sets of four throwing knives that she uses like claws; Xemnas does with his Totally Not Lightsabers; Xigbar does the whole Guns Akimbo; Xaldin telekinetically wields six spears; Riku dual-wields the Way to the Dawn and whatever keyblade Sora's using in the final bossfight; I could probably go on but I'm going to spare you all the pain. POINT BEING, I recall Mickey only ever using one keyblade at a time (he uses the Inverse Key [the gold recolor of the Kingdom Key] and the... one you get from Yen Sid whose name I cannot possibly be bothered to recall). He is incredibly badass with this one keyblade and does the Prequel!Yoda thing of jumping around the room like a loose super ball, but only ever uses one as far as I can recall. so um, what gives? am I just forgetting something?


Tanto: Dual..."Weilding"? I understand the idea, but encouraging poor spelling rubs me the wrong way. If I ever ran into someone using that in an entry, I'd change it just on general principle.

Lale: The title is spelled "w-i-e-l-d-i-n-g," which is correct.

Tanto: Yeah, but somebody started up a redirect at Dual Weilding (like so). And since redirects don't have discussion pages, I brought my complaint here.

Lale: That doesn't sound good. If anyone misspells it, the text won't turn red to indicate so.

Seven Seals: Could be worse. Someone's going to write Dual Welding someday. Probably better if it links here than people writing up how two blowtorches are better than one.

...Sorry, that's not being helpful. Yeah, spelling variations should be redirected, but misspellings shouldn't be.

Tanto: Cut Listing, then.

Jonny D: Hi, sorry, that was me who set up the redirect. Someone mentioned that more people were likely to search for Dual Weilding (with the incorrect spelling) than Swords Akimbo, and that a redirect from there would be more used. I know I make the spelling mistake myself a lot and that it would be better to have it to correct the broken links. But I guess you're right, it's better still to correct the broken spelling.

Ununnilium: I thought we were going to merge Guns Akimbo with this. Also, it's annoying how it keeps harping on how it's a bad idea when it's an actual historical fighting style.

Seven Seals: I don't know what we thought, but I strongly vote to keep them separate. Yeah, they're both about using two weapons at once, but that's where the similarities and inspirations end. They're clearly from different stock (different historical background, different fictional settings, different mechanics). And having to wade through those examples to get a unified list... Ugh. The names may not be optimal ("hey I'm dual-wielding guns, that's dual-wielding!") but I don't think that's the best argument for merging.

As its currently written, I don't really see it "harping". The main point it should be getting across (and perhaps it's not doing that very well) is that dual wielding wasn't nearly as obvious and ubiquitous as fiction would have you believe. Yes, it happened, but in the history of swordplay it's no more than a footnote, whereas in fiction (especially RPGs) it's usually the ultimate in badassery, and you're strictly better off with two weapons than with one (you get some penalties, but a few levels down the road you've negated these with the appropriate perks, and are now getting twice as much attacks as those schmucks who foolishly use just one weapon).

Lale: I though the entire point of calling this Dual Wielding instead of Swords Akimbo was to merge it with Guns Akimbo. The reason it took so long to launch was because of debating over a name to include both!

Seven Seals: Hmm, yeah, see how it pays off to have a short attention span and not bother with those incredibly long and boring discussions? You get to jump in and make suggestions when everyone is long gone, and people are more or less obliged to humor you.

Ahem. In any case, if people really feel like merging it all, don't mind me. I'll just be here in my lawn chair on the side, sipping pina coladas. If that's alright with everyone.

Lale: A — two people above me brought it up first. B — I am not the first to start a discussion in the *gasp* discussion section. But thanks anyway for insulting me.

Seven Seals: Eh... Ouch. I really need to pay closer attention to how other people are going to interpret what I'm writing. I was talking about myself, of course, for not reading through the whole YKTTW discussion that mentions the merging ideas. So due apologies and I'll try to cut back on the irony (second time I need to promise that this week to correct a misunderstanding, so that's a lesson).

Gack, I feel really bad about this. Honestly, when I want to insult people I'm straightforward about it; I love putting myself down much more than putting others down.

Lale: My apologies. I'd erase all this, but it'll just show up in the history anyway.

On topic: We should merge this with Guns Akimbo, since that was the point of this non-exclusive title, or make it Swords Akimbo.

Morgan Wick: Off topic: Are one or both of you Aspies or otherwise afflicted with minor mental abnormalities?

Ununnilium: "Aspies" sounds like a futuristic racist slur against an alien species.

Lale: I worked through a bout of faulty thinking/ faulty cognition which I attribute to growing up in a stressful family with an ACOA father and to hitting my head two years ago, and I'm a loner, but that's it.

On topic: Name change or merge? I vote for name change.

Mister Six: Name change. I would have said merge, but I've been convinced by the discussion that the two topics are sufficiently different, though linked.

Seven Seals: @Morgan Wick: no, I'm not afflicted with any minor mental abnormalities. I'm batshit insane.

On a less flippant node, it's way too easy to miscommunicate if you've only got text to work with, and being as clear as possible when things go wrong helps.

Kersey475: I'm all in favor of keeping Dual Wielding and Guns Akimbo separate for length reasons, but where do we put examples that involve characters wielding a melee weapon (katana, axe, chainsaw, etc.) in one hand and a firearm (revolver, shotgun, machine gun, etc.) in the other?
Desmond Su: "Roronoa Zoro, from One Piece, often triple-wields katanas, with one in each hand and one in his mouth. This being anime of course, it's always quite effective, as absurd as it would be in real life. It goes even farther, however, with him eventually learning to nonuple-wield. That is, nine swords at once." What is this? I'm almost certain Zoro has never used more than three swords at once.

Errick: That whole Asura thing he does. I don't know much about it, but I've seen pictures of it. He somehow gets six arms and three faces, with which he uses 9 swords. He can't use it for very long though, from what I'm told.

Desmond Su: Ahh, right. Though it seems to me that it's more that he only <i>looks</i> like he's using nine swords.

Kersey475: Filipino eskrima (also known as arnis, kali, or escrima) systems teach users how to fight with TWO sticks first and then work their way down to empty hands unlike most martial arts that teach empty hands first and then work their way up to weapons.

  • It should be noted that wielding two weapons at one time may give you the ability to deal more damage at once, but the accuracy of the attack plummets unless you stick closely to the fighting style and use light weapons (fighting with a bastard sword in each hand: not a good idea).
    • There's nothing a splatbook or three can't fix. Nowadays, you can not only fight with two bastard swords at the regular penalty for two-weapon fighting, but you can also opt to wield two bastard swords which are one size too big for your species, for a little more penalties. In essence? You're dual-wielding two daiklaves.

Make this easier to understand for people who aren't already familiar with it.

Carnifex: Kersey475 is correct. It should be pointed out that the Philipino martial arts also teaches various other dual weapon techniques: sword and stick, stick and dagger, dual daggers, and various other combinations of exotic weaponry. There is even an episode of Highlander: The Series in which a mook wields a sword and stick in this way, although the episode title escapes me.

  • In Resident Evil 4, there is That One Boss with dual chainsaws.
    • This troper can remember Dr. Salvador, a chainsaw-wielding Recurring Miniboss, but no dual-chainsaws. I think you may be mixing RE 4 with Splatterhouse 2's Biggyman, who had chainsaws for hands. (As a side note, it's very likely that Dr. Salvador is a Shout-Out to Biggyman, considering that they both use chainsaws, and wear potato sacks on their masks.)

If the latter part is true, none of this is an example.

  • Despite the fact that every other Drow in the books (other than Drizzt's teacher) and in the manuals that dual wields does so with short swords.

...what despite that fact? What does that have to do with anything?