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Burai: Nuked ...
Alcohol and tobacco sometimes escape this treatment. If cultural attitudes regarding marijuana continue the current trend towards acceptability, it may also escape this treatment at some point in the future - though, at present, one can still learn from TV that if you smoke marijuana, you're part of al-Qaeda. Actually you are making that up, the actual PSA talked about how buying cocaine supported drug lords in South America, but considering you probably got this from a show that's infamous for not doing research (like in the same episode claiming that there was no proof that second hand smoke was harmful) this can be excused.
... because it's Natter.

fleb: Cutting * Truth in Television: Drugs are bad for you. Surprise! . Not only because Truth in Television is completely incompatible with An Aesop, but that's just begging for Internet Backdraft. fleb: A politically minded idiot who finds the use of the blanket term "drugs" too broad a category to be meaningful when discussing harms or benefits? And an example list is not a story, so I don't see what you're talking about with that trope. This site isn't a Public Service Announcement.

fleb: Cutting these. A) Why would we want to list an Averted Trope, exactly? B) That's actually about how attitudes towards drugs are bad. Plus that last Unknown Troper is clearly one of the Rouge Angles of Satin.

* Real Life example: According to humor website Something Awful, the United States' War on Drugs is the single-biggest waste of American taxpayer money (roughly $45.5 billion yearly, according to The Other Wiki) simply because they have absolutely no control over international drug production or, for that matter, the growth of mood-altering substances in nature. It's not bad enough that drugs mess up your head, they're also costing you money by simply existing, no usage necessary.
** One survey showed that marijuana was more readily accessible to high school age kids than cigarettes or alcohol. An illegal drug versus stuff that one can find on nearly every street in any given commercial district. That's how badly the war against drugs is going.
**Don't forget that because of the government setting drug uses to jail (inserted of oh say rehab) the US prison system is dangerously overcrowded.
* Averted in El Goonish Shive: The author swore off alcohol, so you might be forgiven for expecting an anti-booze sentiment. Instead, at least one of the main characters is implied to be an under-age drinker, and several of the adults are shown with alcohol. In fact, Mrs. Pompoms looks pretty drunk in her first appearance.