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Nothing to say, really, except that Andyroid may be a God.

Andyroid: I'm flattered, really. But I was thinking about this trope the other day and realized just how prevalent it is. I mean, how many times have you NOT seen a winter scene where there wasn't snow falling or on the ground? Enough to count on both hands, I'd bet, or maybe even one hand.

Ununnilium: I don't think the Hey Arnold example applies here; I've seen it, and Christmas was never mentioned in the episode.

Nasrudith: It's not that unrealistic if done in the right setting. (Although most are not.) I've seen just that situation the southern ends of New England where unless its at the very beginning or end of the season everything WILL be covered in in snow.

Kilyle: I'm here somewhat north of Seattle, Washington, and it has occurred to me that December 24th is a stupid date for Christmas if you want it to be a white christmas. Because it rarely snows around Christmas, but it almost always snows sometime mid-January to mid-February. Of course, this year we had it snow in mid-to-late April, which was an unusual blessing (the more because my little niece was cute enough to burst into tears, sobbing out that her brother had broken the moon and it was falling down from the sky).
  • Averted in an equally Did Not Do The Research way in Greek. Chapter 2 begins with "spring" semester (January; those of us who live in the Northeast love how it's called Spring Semester despite starting in what is usually the very worst part of winter). In Ohio. Without a flake of snow in sight.
    • Truth in Television — I live in Columbus. This past January was the first January in years where we had snow.
      • Point is, Hollywood doesn't seem to get the ridiculous -er- variety of weather we can get.
    • It also depends on where it is in Ohio. In Cleveland, it generally snows before Halloween and the ground is under a blanket before December first.

So, is this an example, or not, or...?

TTD: Eh, I think it is, as the trope seems to be more about how Most Writers Are From California And Don't Really Understand Snow. I'll put the first part back in.