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Pulled the Oot S pic since it is not a very good example (considering how Elan subverts everything he says at the end.)
Actually, the Buffy reference to St. Crispin's Day was something of a subversion. Buffy blithely informs her fellow Scoobies that if they don't stop Glory from bleeding Dawn to open the walls between dimensions, they will all die—the only way to save the world then is apparently Dawn's death, and Buffy maintains that she will kill anyone who tries. Spike comments that it's 'Not exactly the St. Crispin's Day Speech.'

Well, just because it's not a long eloquent, inspiring speech doesn't mean its a subversion. I mean, it still serves the same purpose as a 'Crispin's day speech' if anything this is just Lampshade Hanging. Wouldn't a subversion be more along the lines of a speech where, after the speaker is finished, the people s/he was seeking to inspire give up/go home/continue to act cowardly?
Gorgon: Okay, this is just word salad
[...] but the context less seasons earlier when something similar happened in [...]

Cassy Hey folks, sorry to announce it but the title and quote of this trope are just wrong. The line is "Do not gentle into that good night" without "go." Dylan Thomas created a lot of neologisms and tended to turn names into verbs and the other way around.
  • Servitor_2152: Every source I've ever encountered (including a reading of the poem by the poet himself) indicates that you are mistaken.

KJMackley: I eliminated the natter in the actual description. I didn't erase what was said, but made it part of the respective paragraph. That's the first time I've seen that...

Pax: Hey, newbie troper here with a quick question - Is there any good reason why this trope isn't named after the St. Crispin's Day Speech? It's the first example I think of when I think of this trope, and it seems like "St. Crispin's Day Speech" or "We Few We Happy Few" would be an okay name. Can we take a poll on name changing?

KJMackley: It's not unheard of to change a trope name to something more accurate, like Spoon Speaker to Verbal Tic, but it is usually if the name misleads the intention of the trope. Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night is long, but accurately describes the speech being made. St Crispin's Day Speech and We Few We Happy Few may have appropriate connotations, but it doesn't warrant overiding the current name.

Nornagest: Cut —

* In Paul Robinson's Instrument of God, Supervisor 246 speaks on why he would not accept being censored:
"I believe in free expression. I believe in the right of a person to express his or her opinion so long as they do not force it on others, nor try to stop someone else from expressing their opinion. Possibly one of the greatest forces for freedom of speech is the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. I feel it is too weak to be a really effective protector of freedom of speech and expression as the courts on earth have been poking far too many unnecessary holes in it, but it isn't bad for a first effort.
—->"I believe in free expression. I believe in it so strongly that I will accept nothing less. I will not surrender it for anything. And I will fight to preserve it, whatever the cost, against those who would deprive others of it. To paraphrase Winston Churchill," he says, as he does a not-very-good imitation of him, " 'I will fight you on the streets, I will fight you in the offices, if I must be Recycled, let it be said, this was my finest hour.' "

...because we've got to draw the line on Entry Pimping somewhere, and not pimping your own fiction is as good a line as any.