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Branfish: Why does it have those two links there? I mean, why two? Anyway, ignoring that question for the time being, I've written this now. I hope you like it. However, after all that, I couldn't think of any examples. If any come to me, I'll add them, but I'm afraid that's up to the rest of you for now. I know there ARE lots of examples, but I've been up all night reading so I'm quite tired, and my mind's not really in it (it's 10am over here, so I've been awake nearly 24 hours). I think I did quite well, considering. If anything, I think I made it too long. It looks unbalanced with no examples yet...

Ununnilium: Somethin' screwy with the launcher, looks like. Edited one out. As for the trope... good stuff.

Robin Goodfellow: Will it be a problem that this trope has the same name as the seminal, pre-Pythonic children's series?

Ununnilium: Could put it in Do Not Adjust Your Set, if someone's motivated to make an entry.

Kilyle: Isn't there a fourth variety, in which the villain takes over the channels not to gloat or demand, but to brainwash? I would think that would be separate from the three speech forms mentioned. But then, although I know they're out there, I can't think of any good examples. Oh, wait, there's Jasmine from Angel.

Boh: I'm not really sure Serenity is an example. I don't recall it being said that it was going out to all T Vs (or equivalent) live, and if that wasn't said, then the video could just as easily have been released in the putting-something-illegal-on-the-internet kind of way. It wouldn't reach everywhere, but you can be damn sure someone had the sense to save it and so continue its spread. At any rate, that Deus Ex Machina note seemed irrelevant and untrue, considering Mr. Universe is set up near the beginning of the film.

KJ Mackley: I moved the repeated example of the "Wild Cards" Justice League episode as a response to the Teen Titans episode. I put it as part of the first example, reworded it and included a spoiler hide.

Mith: That opening quote has an apparent typo: should "pre-emptied" be "pre-empted"?
Fire Walk: Just a thought, given that the Joker nearly gets a category of his own here: is there any Batman/ JLA/ whatever where they play with this habit? Things like:
  • It's revealed the Joker has a deal with major media companies (probably a corrupt Corporate) in order to overrule their broadcasts
  • A TV star tries to avenge the Joker for taking over TV on their first appearance and ruins their career (or similar)
  • Batman finds out he's up to something and immediately checks the main transmittor, 'cos he always does it
  • Joker takes over TV, and the camera men/ make up artists/ presenters act comfortably familiar and blase about it (I mean, as much as you can with him)

And if not, why not?