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Marth Vader: The image on this page (well, on the trope's main page, but you know what I mean) is adorable. Where's it from?
Does Devilman Lady count? In the original manga at least, its a direct sequel to the original Devilman, Retconning Violence Jack in the process.

Ununnilium: Makes sense to me.
Seven Seals: I'm not sure if Stature belongs in the list of counterparts. Her power is growing big, which was one of Ant-Man/Giant-Man's powers, but she's not an obvious ripoff of her father created just to have a female version (Supergirl, Batgirl, She-Hulk et al. all started out this way, although they've mostly evolved to independent characters.) I think a certain amount of blatantness and clear lack of originality is needed for this trope to apply. For that matter, the Hercules/Xena connection is tenuous at best: of course it's a Spinoff, but Xena didn't start off as a female Hercules, nor did she really become one.

Ununnilium: Good point on Stature.
Mister Six: Vote Devilman Lady for best anime title since All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku.

Big T: I just wanted to point out that the whole Christopher Robin's little sister makes perfect sense. It's about time that he gets too old to believe that his stuffed animals are real. So now his younger sister plays with them, and sometimes he plays along, for her sake. I must admit, however, that Christopher Robin had a much better imagination...

Tree: What is Strike Witches the counterpart of? The entry on this page reads more like an I Am Not Making This Up entry...

Midonin: Moving it to Gender Flip, where it fits better.
SpiriTsunami: Uh, does this really belong on "Always Female"? I guess there are a lot fewer examples of female to male, but to refer to this trope as being exclusively female is kind of a Double Standard.

Daibhid C: But that's what "distaff" means. Maybe we need Male Counterpart...

Uh, just thought I'd point out that "distaff" does not mean "female" and never did. The confusion probably arises because the definition includes the word female in it, which if one did not actually read the whole thing might cause confusion. If we're not going to go by someone's Personal Dictionary, then "distaff" actually means that portion of one's family tree that is not the strict male line. As in, any part of it that must be reached by going through at least one female. Your mother's ancestors, your father's mother's ancestors, his father's mother's ancestors, etc. Note that your mother's father is your distaff grandfather. It doesn't mean he's a woman. Using the word "distaff" as a synonym for "female" is quite simply wrong, though it has become a widespread error in the last 50 years.
  • Well then, call it the female-stepped counterpart.
  • Definition 3a says it's a valid meaning, though the meaning you give is mentioned later.