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fzzr_miller: What's the need to cut this? Seems like a perfectly fine Useful Notes page.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Agreed. This is a list of German poets and thinkers. Hey, some of these fellas might even make good additions to the Literature or Authors indices.

(Hi, I am Lobster*, the original page creator.) Other Useful Notes/Country pages list their famous people directly on said page. But Useful Notes/Germany seemed to have developed into an index linking to other Germany-related pages anyway, SoYeah... -*edit: from now on Lobster Magnus

Das Auto: This page should definitely stay.

Tannhäuser: The only objection I can see would possibly be that not all the people listed have had any effect on Fiction, since that is ostensibly the purpose of the site. Still, I think there is as much justification for this page as for, say, a page on Chester A. Arthur.