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Sean Tucker: What the hell does this have to do with Hair Tropes?

Gracie Lizzie: Incidentally, as non-Transformers fan, I found Sam Witwicky okay. But I fell in love with Mikaela as sound as she went after Frenzy with a reciprocating saw. I just thought that was cool.

I'd argue that the entire point behind Cloverfield is how these people react to the events, so trying to get the audience to connect to the characters is crucial. - Beacon80

Danel: I've never seen Cloverfield - nor do I plan to - but from what I've heard, there are a fair few people who view the characters as vital to the movie, and cared a lot more about their relationships than the monster. I guess this is a really subjective trope, and it's based upon what you go there to see. Actually, it reminds me of a fair bit of some fandom discussion I've seen lately about how most shows are many shows in one, with entirely differently elements than different fans can love, hate or be indifferent to. For some people, Cloverfield is a film about a monster which inexplicably spends a lot of time focusing on some boring youths. For others, it's a film about a group of people whose relationships are horribly effected by a catastrophic monster attack. Similar with Transformers.
  • I found the characters became sympathetic and likable after the monster attack began. Beforehand they were total assholes, so.

Whatever: Okay, so just to clarify, does this only apply if they are actually jerks and make you wish the monster or something would get there already? 'Cause there are occasions where they do this trope except it actually works.

Ununnilium: This seems like a trope that should be neutral but is a negative subjective trope.

Jordan: I wondered about the negative spin- I was thinking of M.R. James' ghost stories and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, where the story initially is very cozy and British with port and cigars / is like Jane Austen, but then you find out you are in Cambell Country. I think this is a strength of those works rather than a weakness.

Falcon Pain: It doesn't help that the description borders on saying "the audience knows better than to grow attached to these characters because the movie is a Cliché Storm".


•Easily the most annoying thing about Freddy vs. Jason. Sure, their rumble was disappointing, but it'd have been a lot less so if it hadn't taken so long to get to it. A note for horror screenwriters: if you've put Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees together in a movie, your work is done; nobody gives two shits about the teenagers.

This seems like it could use a more neutral description, since many people love both the movie and the fight. Even given subjectivity, it comes off too much as complaining.

Does Titanic count? The iceberg doesn't even appear until like two hours into the movie...