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Sci Vo: I moved several tropes out of this when I turned Fan Work into an index. Aside from the sub-indexes Fanfic and Fanfic Tropes, I left several in the main list that are not necessarily just fan works: Filk Song, Gag Dub, Gag Sub, Redubbing, and Remix Comic.

Etrangere: Because Fanfic isn't just an index, but an entry full of conent I'm putting it back in the core listing as well. (In fact some Fan Fic also are more than "just" fan works too, see March or what's the name of the sequels of Rebecca and Gone With the Wind...)

Sci Vo: Having an entry in more than one place on the page messes up scrolling through the index. Right now, if you start at Fan Work and go to the right twice on the Derivative Works index, you'll end up at Fan Verse, skipping right over Adaptation Decay through Expanded Universe. I'd rather have it in only one place so that the index will work right, and I like to keep categories with lots of sub-tropes up in a floatbox where people can see at a glance where (in this example) all of the types of fanfic might be. (If that's coming across a little grumpy, it's just because I haven't had breakfast yet, nothing to do with this.)

Etrangere: Okay then... Sorry if I annoyed you.

Cromage: Ease-of-scrolling or no, there are waaaay too many tropes and trope categories to live with. I'm making a small split for translations and translation-related tropes (which should probably get its own category soon... I notice the Lost in Translation entry isn't really being used), and for media adaptations.