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From YKTTW Working Title: Deliberate Values Dissonance

  • That attitude is still held today. There's a reason for the obscenely low rate of reported rapes and convicted rapists.
  • That depends considerably on where you live. The reports and convictions of rape have risen massively, despite of how difficult crime it is to prove if no major physical violence is involved. Still, the Hooded Justice was also said to have held Nazi sympathies, which is ironic considering that he lived in a sadomasochistic homosexual relationship with a fellow masked hero.
    • What does wanting Germany to be a whole, great nation have to do with him having sex with a guy?


  • The brave 300. Such a noble race of guys who love their wives, value democracy, treat their fellow soldiers as brothers.....and casually practice infanticide on young babies they deem to be too weak. Nazis....anyone?

Yeah, this is an example of not using this trope.