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Medinoc: Hum... I'm not sure of the last Stargate exemple. As far as I remember, Anubis wasn't killed nor absolutely not Deader Than Dead, but engaged in a permanent fight with Oma Desala, effectively "stalling him for eternity" but not killing him...

Eric DVH: Fixed, linked it to Sisyphus Vs Rock
Eric DVH: What about in a comedy when somebody remarks that someone might be alive (usually after a fall) and then something happens to confirm that, yeah, they are indeed all dead (the car exploding in Groundhog Day, the steamrollers/parades rolling over the baseball player in that The Naked Gun film, etc).

Pete Man: For the Cylon bit: Hinted? It's outright stated in the Scar episode. The only thing that's hinted is that Scar was the Raider Kara shot down over that planet when she was training the nuggets.

chubbyboy Would the Homunculi from Fullmetal Alchemist count as an example of this? They can come back from death, but eventually their power reaches a limit, and then they stay Dead.

Lord Seth: Question. Regarding:
  • It's also stated that a Hollow destroyed by any other weapon except a Soul Reaper's Zanpakuto sword, is completely destroyed, as opposed to cleansed and sent to Hell or Soul Society (Depending on the Hollow's actions in life)
Is that true? I remember it mentioning that the Quincies were destroyed by the Soul Society because they were destroying Hollows rather than cleansing them, but I thought that wasn't that Quincies inherently did that, they just were doing that by choice.

M84: Question. Is someone who reincarnates as another person still Deader Than Dead? For example, does Kikyo count as Deader Than Dead after dissolving away even though she eventually reincarnates as Kagome? Is Dracula still Deader Than Dead in the Sorrow games even though Soma is his reincarnation? And is Evil Buu Deader Than Dead despite being reincarnated as Uub?

freeside: Isn't this page redundant with Killed Off for Real?

Jack Butler: Not really. This is more a mix of Killed Off for Real, Cruel and Unusual Death, and There's No Kill Like Overkill.