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Ununnilium: I don't know if Dinosaur Comics fits here. It actually makes sense, for one thing.

Scientivore: I agree. Dinosaur Comics is not the least bit realistic, but it's not exactly surreal either, and it's already under Cut And Paste Comics where it belongs. I'm just going to clean up the Penny Arcade entry and add one on Framed!!! for now.
Squeal: "They may also be (intentionally) badly drawn and scripted." - this just _begs_ to be followed by "(as opposed to most others, where it's purely unintentional)". You know it's true.
Two comics come to mind: Zippy the Pinhead and The Far Side.

Getty Le Fou: I think this page could use some kind of page quote, just to impart a bit of delicious dada flavor. I'm using Pokey the Penguin, though I'm sure others would work just as well.
Anonymous: Does Chopping Block really fit? It's a bit weird, sure, but it makes sense and is funny beyond being completely insane.
Inkblot: Should this example be deleted? I mean, almost every comic on here follows the "it's random so it's funny" line of thought. Why should one in particular be bashed for it?
  • Ctrl Alt Del does this occasionally. Hilarity invariably fails to ensue, generally resulting in standard "it's random so it's funny" style "comedy".