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Diamond Weapon: Should this trope include uses of the term by fictional countries or organizations, that could plausibly have a reversed scale?

  • Red Dwarf: "Set your tastebuds for Defcon 3".

Removed because 3 would be about the same level of alert wether you started from 5 or 1.

YYZ: I think the writers did that because they didn't know which end was the top.

Sikon: DEFCON 1 is never reached in WarGames. Don't know why this was reverted. Watch the damn movie.

Silent Hunter: I have watched the movie and it does go up to DEFCON 1.

Sikon: Hmm. Must have remembered it incorrectly then. Never mind.
Silent Hunter: This article is listed as a footnote in the Wikipedia article on "DEFCON".
Regiment: Now I'm tempted to run through a nuclear power plant yelling "The reactor's Going Critical! We're on Defcon5!" It'll be like those dihydrogen monoxide panics.