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How come "Dystopia" (the HL mod) is under "influenced by Cyberpunk"? At least I consider it to be Cyberpunk straight through, any reason for it's placement or is it ok to go ahead and change it?

Tricksterson: If anything it would be the other way around since the concept of dystopia goes back at least as far as Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World.

Cybertrash: True, however, most Cyberpunk could be consider more or less Dystopic, which most likely is the reason they chose the name "Dystopia" for the mod, being a cyberpunk mod.
BT The P: Decided to clean this one up a bit while maintaining the core ideas of the original entry. It used to have most of the setting laid out in a single run-on sentence.

Ununnilium: Put it into our modern templating system and added more information on its literary roots.

Liquid Sky is a great movie and all, and it is arguably `punk', but how is it cyberpunk?

Max Chaplin: Would it be correct to say Cyber Punk = Sci-Fi + Film Noir?

(random passer-by): Yes, that's pretty correct. Gibson and Sterling were strongly influenced by Film Noir and also by the Depression-era "hardboiled private eye" detective pulp fiction that so influenced Film Noir. Raymond Chandler specifically was a strong influence, as was, oddly enough, Jules Verne.

Removed this:

because none of the examples of why it fits into the genre are anything more than a Crapsack World. District 9 really wasn't Cyberpunk.