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Tenkohime: Should males me added? I think Silence from Saga Frontier would fit - he's a mute mystic liked by the girls he works with - but he's a guy.

?: wouldn't it be funny if the cute mute was evil? *writes that on list of things to write into a script before i die*

Looney Toons: The "one sound/one word" version is already covered by The Unintelligible.

Ununnilium: I'd say this is different, though (I mean, "doesn't speak" is already covered by The Voiceless). It's the combination of cute, female, voiceless/unintelligible, and Raised by Wolves.

Took out Pokémon, though. IMHO, only human or human-looking females count in this.

Drascin: I dunno, I don't think we should count only humanlike females in this entry. After all, cute mute creatures are rather common and a lot of times look more like something created to be a mascot. Your mention of Pokémon, for example, or the rather famous "poyo?"-ing of Kirby in Kirby of the Stars (and I defy anyone to tell me with a straight face that he doesn't fit the "sickeningly cute" part of the trope to a T). And The Unintelligible seems to limit itself to characters that are actually understood by other characters - which people like Chii or Kirby certainly aren't by any stretch of the imagination. So, either we put them here or we make The Unintelligible a tad more open, whichever works.
Malicious Illusion: Anyone have any idea what that picture is from? I'm curious, and it's one of those annoying pictures that doesn't have a link or quick mention in the examples.

Zero: I'm pretty sure that picture is from XXX Holic. I could be wrong, though.

Lance Omikron: If anyone still cares, the former page image was from a game called Triptych.
Seanette: Not sure when User Friendly character Dust Puppy acquired vocal capacity, but as of today's strip (September 30, 2009), he(?) is having a vocal conversation with Pitr.
Ye gods, someone needs to sort this slop. It's a horrible mess; it's like the wiki ghetto or something.