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//In American animation, does Harold Berman (Hey Arnold!) count? He's not a bad guy, but he's also not so dangerous either. — Ungvichian

Ununnilium: Wins for song quote.

YYZ: Why this doesn't have a picture by way of example, I'm not sure. That Karin thing is a perfect candidate.

Kendra Kirai: You mean like that? :) If anyone thinks it's too big, you're welcome to resize it. I was just too lazy to do it myself and re-upload. I've checked it out at various text sizes, and it doesn't cause any major oddities at 1280x1024, but it still seems kinda large. Definitely a bit too wide.

Looney Toons: No worry, it's easy enough to fix in markup — as soon as I find the right syntax. In the mean time, I must admit I am amused: When I had the page open a moment ago, the left-column add on it was one for improving your smile. <grin>

YYZ: Argh. The formatting doesn't look quite right, but I don't know how to fix it.

YYZ: Incidentally, I remember a moment for an anime where one character accidentally shows another his/her Cute Little Fangs. The other character, who is something of a Genki Girl, lets out a Squee! and holds his mouth open so she can further observe the cuteness. Did I just hallucinate this scene or has anyone else seen it?

Kendra Kirai: I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and re-upload. At least there's no longer that uberlagged router between me and the wiki this morning...And that sounds like something several characters would do, YYZ, but damned if I can think of which one in particular...Maybe Azusa Shiratori from {{Ranma 1/2}}? She seems like the type to manhandle Ryouga that way...

Soon: There we go, newly teensyfied. :)
Looney Toons: Removed the recent addition
This is apparently genetic and girl-Ranma once made a a diguise composed of a fake pair and different clothes and hair-style.
from the Ranma entry because it's basically irrelevant.

s5555: Doesn't Yohko Yamamoto qualify as a subversion?
Qit el-Remel: It should probably be noted that Beast Boy—despite his sharp little teeth—is in fact a vegetarian. And I'd consider the "tusks" on female WoW trolls to be in the Cute Little Fangs category.

Heck...while we're on the subject of WoW, the almost-painfully-honorable (I play 'em, and I still have to admit it) draenei also have sizable and notably sharp canines.

bluefireglow: Night Elves have fangs too. Not Blood or High Elves, though.

Qit el-Remel: According (IIRC) to the lore, yes. But only the male night elf model has visible teeth at all in-game. And the fangs are not nearly as prominent as those of either the male or female draenei model.

Licky Lindsay: I've known at least one person who had these in real life. Well, sort of. Her teeth were not straight, but it just so happened that instead of being bucktoothed or something, she had these awesome canine teeth that slightly poked out of her mouth. Made her look like a vampire.

Qit el-Remel: My SO's teeth are straight and fairly small...but his canines are at least average-sized and sharp, which gives something of a fang effect. I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly find it cute...

Smokie: Can we please change the picture? That "thing" doesn't really look cute.. Scared me.

Shotgun Ninja: Yes, and because we all know who should have their picture on this page.