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Ununnilium: Not sure what "Lore wise the most powerfull creatures in existence" means.

Seth: Lore=Mythology of the world. Accoring to FF 8 Cannon Sorceresses are the most powerfull things there are.

wia: Do the summon creatures in FF 9 count? Atomos (Lindblum), Odin (Cleyra), and Bahamut (Alexandria) are all shown ravaging entire cities - a level of power far beyond any effect the three have in battle. By contrast, Beatrix isn't shown defeating the party in *any* cutscenes - they're all standard battle moves, executed during the battles, just the power has been upped to force a Beatrix victory. More a case of... *can't remember the trope name* Where characters lose power if they switch from evil to good?

wia: As to sorceresses in FF 8 - summing the power of all current Sorceresses (before timeloop) gives half the power of the God (Hyne) who created humanity. It is never explicitely stated how powerful G Fs are supposed to be in relation to Sorceresses - although however much power the G Fs have between them is split more ways then the Sorceress' power. Either way, the Sorceresses aren't the most powerful creatures in existence (Lore-wise) - Hyne was, before humanity's rebellion.

MMAN In comparison to the other mentions in this article I don't think the Tomb Raider Legend example is applicable. Lara is able to do almost exactly the same bullet time actions ingame. At most it only a slight addition to what is possible ingame (as opposed to the others, that are huge changes from what is possible) Edit: There seem to be no objections, so I removed it.

Ununnilium: Took out:

  • Exception: Half-Life, its sequel (and its coming "episode" expansions), and any games that crib their storytelling format have no cutscenes—the player is in control for the whole game, though the player is often physically prevented from harming story-important characters or otherwise interfering with "plot points", usually by forcing the player's weapon down when crosshairs are placed over important allies or via some variation of indestructible glass.

...because it doesn't have anything to do with characters' power inside and outside cutscenes.

Krid: Sure it does. Half-life doesn't have normal cutscenes, but it DOES have scripted events that will always play out the same way and the player is hopeless to stop. This sometimes takes the form of an NPC starting to give the player a warning, then being killed halfway through - even though it's possible to reposition stuff so that the fatal attack can't hit them. Sometimes they drop dead from no apparent cause, sometimes they stand there and stare at you after their own death cry, etc...

Ununnilium: Ahhhhhhhhh. Well, it should be a bit clearer, then.

Nirual: Took out the C&C turret example because it seems that the original editor confused the normal turrets and the SAM sites, which are shown in the cinematic. That cinematic does apply somewhat, but its more faithfull than the other examples considering Sam sites are a lot more vulnerable when opened (which it is in the cutscene).
Einar: Could someone who's played Crysis rewrite this? I'd do it myself but I've never played the game, and I'm not sure what exactly the author is talking about.

  • Crysis is a offender here watch this, now acutally try to do ANY of it during game play. In game cutscenes are no better with falls that would at the very least cause you damage during game play seeming to not even illicit a grunt, the cloak lasting about five times as long, and one of your teammates with the exact same suit as you jumping about five times as far as you could hope to manage.

((Beacon80)): Made an edit. Ness uses PK Thunder on the statue, not PK Flash. I removed the brief discussion about PK Flash because it's no longer relevant.

  • Vorpal Tempest-Better put the PK Flash stuff back up Beacon80. Watch the video again, Ness hits the Pig King Statue once to knock it over, leaps in the air, does an aerial freeze, then blows the statue up with PK Flash while saying PK Flash. Pop the slider to 30 seconds. PK FWOSSH!

  • The Linker: Shoot, yeah, I already put a correction up, then went to the 'page history' section for an unrelated reason, and then saw this whole 'PK _____' fiasco. Hmmm, not sure what the proper etiquette is here. Leave my thing up and wait for the original poster to have the option of reverting it himself? Ahh, I'm such a Trope Noob.

—- Austin: Removed this

"**Actually, he CAN do most of those, if you use the right techniques (Royal Guard is brought to mind), and one of the unique things about DMC 3 is that, after you watch the over-the-top cutscene and are expecting the usual "Cutscene Power to the Max", it turns out you really can do some of the ridiculous stuff like surfing on enemies."

Because it's not true that you can do "most" of those things. The surfing on enemies is the only example. You cannot shoot down a ceiling fan dropping it on enemies. You cannot chop debris in half and fling them at enemies. You cannot throw a bunch of balls in the air and shoot them at enemies. You can see where I'm going with this.

Etherjammer: Removed this:

  • The opening cutscene shows Cecil using several attacks that he never the US SNES version. In the Japanese version and some of the more faithful translations, they were items that the player could use throughout the game.
    • Oh, you could get at least one of those attack items in the US version... in the final dungeon!

because it's simply not true. The items Cecil uses in the opening cutscene are available mid-game, even in the US SNES version.