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Kilyle: I do love the pun, but now that I've read the discussion, I think the alternately proposed Karmic Backtaxes was actually a better choice. This pun, to me, doesn't suit the entry:

First, this speaks only to the breaking of the curse, not the accompanying karmic payload, which I think is the more important detail in this entry.

Secondly, the "again" lends itself more to, say, the trope where a man is trying to cast a curse on someone but has his curse repeatedly blocked by e.g. the oblivious target ducking. Not just curses per se, but trying to, say, turn the guy into a statue or the like. Or maybe the practical joke that just won't fire, as many targets pass by without triggering it, and this lack of payoff drives the author up a wall (until, usually, he ends up triggering the thing on himself).

And if it doesn't belong with that trope, I'd say the "again" still speaks to repetition, e.g. if multiple characters have similar curses (like in Ranma) and were breaking them. And for my final note: I misread the intent of the line to begin with, and thought the idea was more like a curse that just wouldn't come off, like a subtrope inside Status Quo Is God or Failure Is the Only Option. Yeah, that's not at all what it says, but when it can misread that easily, it's not the best choice available. Still, it's a great pun, and if it doesn't fit the above trope I described, stick it on that page of available trope names.

Zeke: I'm with Kilyle. Great name, wish I'd thought of it, but Karmic Backtaxes fits much better.

Morgan Wick: Curse Is Foiled Again fits my original idea better, but not this trope. But I'm not sure it's worth splitting.