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Shay Guy: Didn't Alexander the Great once kill a guy by bending two saplings until their tops reached the ground, tying them there (ropes A and B), tying the guy's ankles to the tops of the saplings (ropes C and D), then slicing ropes A and B so that the saplings sprang back into position and tore the guy in half?

I think I read that in like middle school, but I can't seem to verify it now.

Jack Butler: Sounds familiar, but for some reason I'm getting Atilla the Hun, not Alexander the Great.

Celtic Whisper: I re-spoilered the Silent Hill film section. My reasoning is that the spoiler is unrelated to the individual who died, and is instead related to a different and significant plot point. I'm not sure exactly how we apply the unmarked-spoilers protocol when the poor sap getting offed isn't the spoiled part, but I figure I'd rather spare someone the experience of stumbling across it. The person dying is the bad guy (well, girl) and so it can usually be guessed that they get their comeuppance but the spoilered part, if revealed prior to watching the film, can significantly alter the viewing experience independent of that.

Jack Butler: As far as I know, the general policy is no spoilers on Death Trope pages even if the spoiler is unrelated to the trope.