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Boone: I had a film teacher who called this "cruciform." I think it'd make a good trope name.

Ununnilium: Taking out:

...because it's not the aftermath of a Heroic Sacrifice. The same might apply to the Yu-Gi-Oh examples, but I haven't seen enough of the show to really know.

Man Called True: In several cases (the Dark Magician most notably), it's the lead-in to a Heroic Sacrifice. Which would seem like it fits the bill more.

Ununnilium: I would suggest talking out the ones which have nothing to do with a Heroic Sacrifice and moving them over to What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?.

Lale: Why? It's still the crucifixion pose. This entire trope comes from What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?.

Man Called True: And if we did that, people would be asking, "Shouldn't those be in Crucified Hero Shot?" and it'd be Wiki Ping-Pong before we knew it...

Ununnilium: But the trope is about the Heroic Sacrifice. The name is Crucified Hero Shot, we shouldn't have Crucified Villain-Who-Just-Had-A-Karmic-Death Shots in the examples.

Later: I still feel this way. This isn't just any crucifixion pose, it's specifically a crucifixion pose of a hero related to a Heroic Sacrifice.

Lale: I agree with Man Called True. This is the closest fit for them.

Ununnilium: Well, then, the trope needs to be renamed, IMHO.

Big T: I don't get it. Crucified Hero Shot seems most logically to refer to the camera shot of a person in the Heroic Crucifixion pose. It's not called the Heroic Sacrifice Shot, so there's no reason for the person to have to die, or even be heroic, because the shot could be ironic.

Tinweasel: Fixed the entry on the Fullmetal Alchemist manga to reflect the fact that all my volumes of it are marked with the Viz logo, not Tokyopop.

Haven: I wanted to add the Heroes example where Sylar's getting electrocuted by Elle and he makes this pose, but I couldn't find a way to phrase it that was neither too ranty nor...dishonest.