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Kizor: Oh great. Overlap with Refuge in Audacity big time.

Ununnilium: Not really. It's more like a specialized version of Refuge in Audacity for Slapstick Violence.
the funny thing is that i can watch happy tree friends and laugh my butt off... i watch ren and stimpy and i get stomach problems (maybe r&s only crosses the line once...)

YYZ: I don't think Ren and Stimpy Crosses the Line Twice so much as it rockets straight across the line and keeps going, on the assumption that if they go fast enough they'll be able to circle the globe before the cartoon's finished and cross the line again that way.

Earnest: On a related note, this tropes name was born many years ago when my roomie and me were watching a particularly Squicky episode of the The Ripping Friends, and the only way we could describe it was "That is so wrong, it's like it goes around the world and crosses the line again!" (sic). The Ripping Friends were made by the guys who made Ren and Stimpy. -_-

Daniel LC: Would this be a combination of the saying "too much of a good thing" with So Bad, It's Good? Like, it's so much of a good thing that it's bad enough to be good?

{Georgie}: I don't know if this is applicable (and it isn't an example of the trope at hand), but I'm reminded of that line from Doctor Who about The Doctor's reasons for scrambling the controls of Jack's Time Agent Watch Wotsit. Something about going anywhere twice, the second time to apologize. I'm thinking secondary pagequote. What say the other tropers?

JadeEyed1: The quote you're thinking of goes, "I can't have you walking around with a time-traveling teleport. You could go anywhere, twice. The second time to apologize." I don't think it really suits this page, though, as humor that crosses the line twice rarely has any intention of apologizing. That's part of what makes it what it is.
Wouldn't "Staplerfahrer Klaus" be a perfect fit for this trope? (Gets interesting at about 2:15)
  • Like a glove!

Would the Jackass parody at the beginning of Family Guy episode, The Man With Two Brians, be an example of this? Seems to fit to me.
Elihu: I don't think this fits as it never actually crosses the line at all. Violence by itself is not inherently line-crossing.
  • Any time Tony Stark gets hurt testing his suit in the Iron Man movie counts.
    • Heroes being smashed into concrete walls by villains? Sad. Heroes crashing into concrete walls repeatedly because of their own zealous testing? Hilarious. By the third time, this troper was musing to herself that that should kill a Badass Normal like Tony.
      • For this troper, the first test of the boots only became hilarious when Tony got doused with fire extinguisher foam.