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Chuckg: Removed the Iraq war entry, as the entire thing was based on a false premise. If anybody actually cares why the US actually attacked Iraq, the Authorization To Use Military Force has a list.

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  • In Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, the titular character invades the computer club, shoves the club president into compromising positions with Mikuru, photographs that and blackmails him into giving her a computer. While it does a good job of firmly establishing her as a Jerkass, let's face it. Two very attractive women asking a room of geeky, nebbishy high schoolers for help? There is no way they would've walked away empty-handed.
    • Not necessarily. Do recall Haruhi's reputation is well-established by that point. Would you be willing to give up the best computer you had to someone who almost certainly wouldn't do anything worthwhile with it?
      • Probably not the best, no. That would be like giving my baby to a criminally insane monkey. The red-headed stepchild, on the other hand...
      • They did, in fact, attempt to give her an average computer. She then specifically picks out the best computer, and steals it, and forces them to install internet access.
      • Given a room full of witnesses and Haruhi's reputation, how could she possibly get away with blackmail...outside of being God, but they don't know that.
      • They are computer nerds, if someone accused a gang of computer nerds *** ***ing a defenceless girl, I don't exactly think the nerds would be on the winning side of the argument.

Firstly, it's natter. Secondly, Haruhi did ask, although "demand" would have been more accurate a term. There's a case to be made that she made a completely unreasonable offer (thus failing the "asking politely" clause), and expected to have to resort to blackmail (since she brought Mikuru and Kyon along), but I'm not sure if that falls under this trope.
Sunder the Gold: How about Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha? In each season, the Anti-Villain(s) could have avoided a lot of trouble by simply telling Nanoha everything and trying to reach a peaceful accord. However, in each case, something prevents this. In Season 1, Fate answers to her straight-up villainous Mother, who isn't interested in peace and is a wanted criminal. In Season 2, the Wolkenritter are also wanted criminals with a bad history with the TSAB (though not through their own fault), so they can't count on being left alone if they step forward. Season 3 has a mix of both — Lutecia is much in Fate's old position, and Zest somewhat mirrors the Wolkenritter.

Ekron Dye: Yeah, on the subject of Nanoha and this Trope someone included a fanfic reference. I really want to delete it but before so I thought I'd try to get the go-ahead from a few members just to avoid stepping on any toes. Not sure how well known and accepted this fanfic is so I'm just throwing my opinion out there.