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Chrome Newfie: Proposal for Devices trope Karmas Bitch. It refers to a setup where a character is consciously aware of being at the mercy -- or selected as the agent -- of hidden forces bigger than they are. The title references My Name Is Earl, and I can think of a number of examples: Strange Luck and Quantum Leap come immediately to mind. Is there an existing trope that covers this?

Ununnilium: If you mean Characters as Device, then yeah, I agree. "Fate or Time or God..." Maybe Instrument Of Fate?

Harpie Siren: I usually call them Cosmic Playthings ...

Gus: Cosmic Plaything does work. To answer your question: Nope. Not covered elsewhere.

Chrome Newfie: So let it be written, so let it be done. I liked the reference to My Name Is Earl, but this works too.
Lale: So... what is the unluckiest day in the Japanese calendar?
Citizen: Are four quotes really necessary? Pick one; I favor the Storm one.
Bicornis: a minor correction for the entry on Rincewind: Fate isn't technically a god. It's mentioned in one of the earlier books that he's older than Discworld itself.