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Seven Seals: "In the Robocop movie, Richard "Dick" Jones is a subverted form of the Corrupt Corporate Executive, since he is the vice-president of the OCP, but still is as power-hungry and vicious when he tries to privatize all of Detroit City."

I'm confused. How is this supposed to be a subversion? It sounds like a straight example to me. Is the subversion part supposed to come from the fact that he's not the CEO? That's not really essential to the trope...

GMO: Changed the entry from "partially subverted" to noting it as being in the spirit of the Evil Chancellor.

Ununnilium: Took out...

Mildly subverted when the Boomer reincarnation of Mason, Largo increases his status from a Dragon to a Big Bad, although he severely damages the company that spawned him when he ends up proving that With Great Power Comes Great Insanity and develops a messiah complex regarding his Boomer brothers produced by GENOM.

...because I can't make heads or tails of it or how it's a subversion.

I'd disagree about Looten Plunder. He actually made the *least* sense of the show's recurring villains (apart from Sly Sludge, that is: Real garbage collection and disposal companies are deeply interested and active in recycling and reclamation technologies). Duke Nukem was a sociopath who was nourished by ionizing radiation, Verminous Skumm was a rat-man who wanted to wipe out humankind so there would be more room for his people, and Doctor Blight had apparently suffered brain damage in the lab accident that scarred her. Greedly was bluntly stupid and liked wrecking things for fun - a pathetic, shallow, petty man with a great deal of inherited wealth and power. But Plunder was presented as an intelligent, educated, highly successful businessman even though his schemes made no economic sense at all.

Phartman: Oh Ted, there's no need to take these things personally.

rsm109 posting from work: Yeah, I'd say "highly successful businessman" and "schemes make no economic sense" are pretty much mutually exclusive.

Ununnilium: ...dangit, I didn't see that Crey was on there already. >>;

Doug S. Machina: So if Bruce Wanye is prepared to use his extra-legal vigilante tactics and superhero connections to further Wayne Tech and damage the competition, does that make him a Corrupt Corporate Executive, albeit not quite in the mold described here?
Nerdorama: Cutting
  • This troper would like to point out that on the DVD Commontary for the episode where "that guy" appears ("Future Stock" in case you didn't know the title) the creators reaveal his name is on the script as "Steve Castle".
Not because it's Conversation in the Main Page, but because I've personally DisContinuitied that since calling him That Guy is much funnier. Okay, actually it is because it's Conversation in the Main Page.

ccoa: Took out:

  • Star Wars has quite a few including Jabba The Hutt.

Jabba was the head of an organized crime syndicate, not a company. Perhaps there are some examples in that "quite a few" he mentioned, but without the Jabba it needs specific examples.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here until someone can explain how Mexico City can be a corporation.
  • In Rebelde, a Mexican telenovela, León Bustamante is a Corrupt Corporate Executive: he's the Mexico City mayor, and he always uses his influences to keep his oppressive relationship over his son Diego.

  • This troper mentioned Microsoft so it is only fair that he complain about other game companies:
    • Sony: Managed to stay in busss despite numerous failed technologies and terribledecisions. Willing to remain in the games business because it is so large that losing a few billion is a minor inconvenience.
    • Nintendo: Sold out its good name and loyal fans by focusing on casual games. Does not care about the customers who made it so rich and famous because inexperienced, ignorant consumers are willing to buy cheap, mass produced games.
    • Sega: Sold its soul to the Furry Fandom; no longer cares about quality because that audience will buy anything as a masturbation aid.
    • Electronic Arts: Buys companies and forces them to cancel innovative games then produce generic, profitable shit.
    • Gamespot: Showed that it had absolutely no integrity by firing Jeff Gerstman for not kissing an advrtiser's ass. Willing to rent its entire site as advertising space.

Man Called True: ...someone was bitter.

Concatenated: I want to take the image of a C.E.O. looking down on common men, while receiving a pay raise and declaring them to be ants and use "More of these cartoons, please: I want our great-grandchildren to be look back on these and recognize CE Os for the robber barons they are" as a caption but I do not know to do it. (
Fanra: I removed the following as I can't find anything to back it up:
  • George Soros has allegedly swindled victims of WWII out of millions. Or so I heard.