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Greenygal: Valdemaran Companions aren't Mindlink Mates—that's explicitly a romance trope, and the Companion/Herald bond is, thankfully, non-romantic in nature. (Well, okay, there was that one time. But nearly always.) Is there a platonic bonded-to-your-special-animal-companion trope?

Master Hand: Cut:

Because they, frankly, don't fit. The only thing that Shadowmere has above other horses is that she's essential and gets knocked out instead of dying, which is entirely game mechanics, and you're supposed to kill the unicorn, not ride it, and even if you do ride it it's impractical to do so.

Bulldozer Begins: What just happened? This entire thing vanished because I hit preview on something?

Goldfritha: DB hiccup. Had it on another page myself.