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  • Having lasted for twenty-five years, the classic series of Doctor Who was always going to face this problem; the producers in the eighties, however, didn't exactly help matters by Pandering to the Base with return appearances from characters who hadn't been seen in ten years and sequels to stories that hadn't been shown for twenty years, assuming that everyone who was watching was going to know exactly what was going on. For obvious reasons, the ratings plummetted and it was eventually taken off the air. The new series, as a continuation of the old, also faces this problem, but averts it by focusing more on its new continuity and treating references to the old series in a very subtle and easy-to-cope-with fashion.
    • Too much continuity may have contributed to the original's cancellation, but labeling it as the main cause is overly simplistic.

Doctor Nemesis: It might not have been the only reason, but it's often blamed as a contributing factor. I think it's worth mentioning on that level at least.
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  • Fighting Games quickly suffered from this, after the boom caused by Street Fighter II. After a few years, certain tricks, moves, and knowledge were effectively taken for granted, making it hard for new players to get into the game.
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  • Avatar: Explain why Zuko has joined the Gaang without summarizing all three seasons and the backstories of at least three characters, I double dare you.
    • Zuko was the prince of an evil nation who joined the Hero's Nakama because he realized it was his destiny and the main character was the one who was going to save the world. There.

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  • Why is there even a mention of any Manga on this page? Continuity lockout should be irrelevant for what is generally known as a long-form story medium, and this troper knows of NOBODY who just decides to start reading a manga at volume 7 if they've never seen or heard of it before.
    Vampire Buddha
    Because of how it's distributed in Japan. The overwhelming majority of manga is sold in anthology comics, which are intended to be disposable; you buy them at the train station, read them on your journey, and dump them when you get there. Only a small number of very popular ones get turned into tankobon. Hence, for the most part, there are problems with jumping in right at the middle.

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