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Film critic Roger Ebert has called this the "Fudd Flag", after Bugs Bunny's nemesis, who uses it to determine which tree Bugs is hiding behind, which rock he needs to trip over, etc.

Fly: I think that's interesting. Therefore, I'm adding it to the article, in the hope that other people agree with me.

In the episode of Harvey Birdman with Apache Chief, Apache Chief picks up a telephone pole. On the DVD commentary they mention they intentionally discoloured the phone pole just to get the look of cheap 70s animation, which was what Superfriends was.

World of Warcraft's system for quest pickups is mentioned twice.

Air Of Mystery: I'm curious: are there examples of this in live action? It's just that there's a particular bit in the 80s Flash Gordon movie where as the rocket travels forward, this bright, transparent sort of rectangle moves behind it, but instead of moving steadily behind it, it sort of jumps whenever the rocket's going to go past it. Hard to explain, but for those who've seen the movie, it's the part when the rocket enters the Imperial Vortex.

TTD: You know, I was just about to add a note about early live-action/animation and greenscreen effects.