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  • Could "???" be renamed The Chansey or The Blissey?

  • I remember someone suggesting something like "Adamantine Nerfbat"

  • Removed "or preventing damage to the Squishy Wizard while he charges up a spell. Sorta like a blocker in American Football." Because this is about dueling and free-for-all competition, not team playing.

  • Bare-Fisted Monk — Somewhat overwhelming physical ability, but has problems with equipment and magic.

Sunder The Gold: Where the heck did this come from, and what does it have to do with Real Time Strategy factions, Streetfighter, or Vehicular Combat games?

  • Where the hell is the Ranger or Sniper?! They are practically requirements as a class for MM Os! Their main advantage is range. Snipers are the extreme example with extremely long range and one head shot kills. Although technically a Glass Cannon, they don't usually shoot/hit as fast as them. The also don't have terrible defense, only average to below average, but not to a dangerous degree.

Defense \ Attack Weak Average Strong
Frail Fragile Speedster   Glass Cannon
Average   The Mario  
Tough Stone Wall   Mighty Glacier