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**Iceman: Yes, he fits. "Ice powers" amount to power over cold and over water. Just cold, no ramps or encasing people - such as himself - in ice. (Smallville actually had a Monster of the Week with only the power of cold - he absorbed heat. He was very un-Iceman, except one instance of removing the heat from a lake, freezing it.) Just water, you got Hydro-Man, not Iceman. He can also turn himself into living ice, which doesn't really fit into either category.
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  • Math.
  • No matter how powerful Chuck's roundhouse kicks are, Alucard is still immortal and can still heal from the damage. If he didn't dodge it by turning intangible or something.
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  • Wolverine was originally conceived as a Canadian foe for The Hulk and all these powers served that end. Ya gotta problem with that, bub?
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  • Some of this is explained by the fact that Silver Age Superman would call almost everything he did "Super X," especially if he used his powers to help him do it. So if he used his superhuman strength and speed to quickly assemble the ingredients for a giant cake, and his heat-ray vision to bake it... he would then say that he had made the cake by "Super Baking." This did not necessarily imply that he was any better at baking than you or I would be if we had his advantages of incredible strength, speed, heat vision, and so forth. Likewise with Super Arithmetic, Super Weaving, and so on. For example, in what is hopefully the only example of Super Arithmetic, due to a writer's error, he got the answer wrong.
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  • Wild Thing's mother was never revealed. Wolverine (in this future) was married to Elektra, but the comic never said for certain who her biological mother was before it ended. It could very well have been someone with telepathic powers which crossed over with daddy's claws.
  • Cassandra Nova is actually a skilled geneticist in addition to her formidable psychic powers (like her brother). She also managed to access several advanced technologies and reengineer them in some cases. It's possible that she manipulated Emma's DNA technologically and not through some undisclosed power.
  • It's well-established that Peter Parker possesses one of the finest scientific and inventive minds in all of the Marvel Universe. He's believed to be on par with Tony Stark, and just a step behind Reed Richards, so the web-shooters aren't much of a stretch. Why he hasn't put his mind to better use is anyone's guess. It's frequently hand waved by saying that it would take away from his "great power, great responsibility" vow. In reality, one could argue that Peter could do as much good (if not more) putting his terrific mind to work as he does in his spiffy little outfit.
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