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Koveras: We need a badass picture of Jack O'Neill to illustrate this page. ^^
  • Yes, yes we do!

T-Max: hey, Koveras. You sure we can't tack in Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar. I hear where you're coming from on the fact that he's not a colonel (or even a part of any military we know of). But seriously, he's like a penguin version of Jack O'Neill, he even has his Four-Man Band. I mean, c'mon, Col. Harland Sanders is on the list. What about a note stating it's a borderline case perhaps?

Essex: Removed "While her rank is Major General, Olivia Milaa Armstrong pretty much fit this trope." from the list, due to the fact that there is now an appropriate trope for badass generals.

Removed this:

  • Lt.Col. Stephen Ferrando, callsign Godfather, commanded the USMC's 1st Recon Battalion. He was recently highlighted in HBO's miniseries Generation Kill. Not only does he actually sound like Corleone, he had tactical savvy to boot.
    • The novel is much less amicable with Ferrando than the miniseries. He himself admitted that his previous posting was being in charge of parades in Washington, something that lends more credibility to his men complaining about his overly excessive grooming standard, despite the argument for the benefits of strict discipline regardless of what the discipline is directly aimed at.

Generation Kill provides an assessment of Ferrando that could only generously be called lukewarm.

Danger: Based on the sheer number of times Colonel Roy Mustang is linked to this (and, of course, the fact that he is completely made of this trope), perhaps change the page picture to him?

Bly: Does anyone else here think we should change the main image? I think the Colonel from Avatar would do quite nicely.

Red Viking: Went ahead and changed it to the Colonel from Avatar since, given the impact the movie has had, he's a Hell of a lot more recognizable then a character from a video game or anime series.

Skarmory The PG: Agreed, he's the epitome of the trope. There's a reason I only refer to him as Colonel Mc Badass. Still, I think as soon as the DVD is out, we should change the image to a even more badass one. I suggest strapping himself in a mech, holding his breath, on fire.

Norris Packard from 08MSteam is a REAL COLONEL! The Zeon use NAVY RANKS!!!