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HeartBurn Kid: Too bad this didn't get posted on YKTTW; I so would have suggested Touch of Death as a name.

Morgan Wick: This is pretty close to some of what's in Everything Trying to Kill You.

Man Called True: In some ways it's a subtrope, but the two are different - sometimes everything can try to kill you without hurting you on contact, and likewise other times you can be killed by running into something without it actively going after you.

Citizen: I side with Morgan Wick... Everything Trying to Kill You is all about collision damage, but its name isn't specific to that. I'd like to move all of the current content in that page to Collision Damage, and make Everything Trying to Kill You a subtrope of Random Encounters in line with this cliche from the Grand List:
  • If You Meet The Buddha In A Random Encounter, Kill Him! When you're out wandering around the world, you must kill everything you meet. People, animals, plants, insects, fire hydrants, small cottages, anything and everything is just plain out to get you. It may be because of your rampant kleptomania (see Garrett's Principle.)
That cliche really doesn't belong with the present page.

Is Donkey Kong really an appropriate example? DK throws things like flaming barrels and crocodiles, which would realistically be unharmed but harmful if they should happen across a lovelorn plumber. In fact, DK himself is a subversion of this trope - if you venture too close to him, he picks you up and whacks you against the floor until you die.

Kraas: I was looking around for another article when I found this one. Didn't there used to be a trope called "Touched to Death"? I believe it was where you take damage/die just for touching an enemy.