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Lale: Would a character accidentally getting soaked while wearing a white t-shirt count?

Citizen: Not to me.

Silent Hunter: That's a Wet Sari Scene.

Air Of Mystery: Is there an equivalent to this where a character purposefully takes clothes off because they're damaged or dirty, although it's definitely Fanservice? I'm thinking the Prince in Sands of Time, or Rikku in Final Fantasy X.

Silent Hunter: Certainly.
  • This troper recalls it being more that it was the demonic birthmarks manifesting that caused the Clothing Damage, blasting away the cloth around her midsection. Slade may have helped them along with the sleeves, but it was essentially Raven's own demonic heritage that's stripping her naked. Or... Slade's helping. But considering that he's voiced by Ron Perlman, plenty of people pretty much thought it was all good.

Lale: It's definitely Slade's doing because he grabbed Raven twice earlier in the episode (once by her wrist and once by her upper arms), and when he pulled his hand away, the cloth had disintegrated, showing the red runes. He conventionally ripped her cloak and then disintegrated her outfit via magic, apparently. Either way, it's kind of unnecessary for the purpose of "delivering a message."

George TSLC: The Doc Savage covers I've seen all show him in a badly torn shirt and ragged shorts. Was this usual? Should he be added to the Examples?

And Lale, a wet t-shirt on a guy is a Shirtless Scene.

Quicktrigger: There is a new anime coming out in Japan (english translation, Platonic Heart). It's supposed to have lots of clothing damage in it.