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Cassy: The picture of Livio from Trigun Maximum really made my day, thanks to whoever put it. It's so appropriate, and the scene in question was really hilarious, with Livio dodging Elendira's nails, going all like "I have my beautiful hat now!" and making her furious ^^. The series's so full of aces it's easy to forget how awesome Livio is.

Keenath: Minor edit to the description, changed "negative feedback" to "positive feedback". Negative feedback is opposite the direction of the input, like stretching and compressing a spring. Positive feed back is in the same direction as the input, like pushing a sled off the top of a hill. A power suit that moves its limbs in response to the user's arm movements would be using positive feedback.

T Beholder: Well, by definition if some change of parameter (e.g. raised pressure on exoskeleton segment's inside sensors) causes an attempt to nullify this change (e.g. to move segment following the limb's movement so that pressure would drop back), it is negative feedback.