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Citizen: Wait a minute, this is rather close to Yandere, only with a lot more emphasis on the jealousy aspect... I wouldn't say they become Yandere, because the whole point of Yandere is that the crazy side was there all along, just covered up. The description of this page fits Yandere too well. Revised to "variant of Yandere" as compromise for the time being...?

Fast Eddie: I prefer this one, as it is in English and applies more widely than Anime.

Ununnilium: A Yandere can be this, and this can be a Yandere, but neither needs to be the other, IMHO.

Jisu: I agree. Compare them.

Lale: It looks to me like all Clingy Jealous Girls are Yanderes, but not all Yanderes are Clingy Jealous Girls.

Ununnilium: Not really - a Clingy Jealous Girl isn't necessarily "sweet, but goes psycho under certain circumstances". She can maintain the same level of clinginess all the time, for instance.

Looney Toons: <nod> Plus the Clingy Jealous Girl can be a bitch all the time, except to the guy she's glued to, and maybe to him, as well. The Yandere is kind of a heroine type, but the Clingy Jealous Girl isn't really — she's usually the girl that loses to the heroine.

Jisu Take Takamiya Rina of Kaitou Saint Tail. She has no sweet and friendly side — she even blackmails the guy she gets jealous over. And besides the whole poison gas/rocket launcher incident mentioned on the page, which isn't even the same as a typical Yandere reaction, she's cold, ruthless and underhanded, rather than ragingly violent.

Looney Toons: While fixing the messed up characters in the Cardcaptor Sakura entry, I noticed something about it that struck me as odd:

We wouldn't put it past her to get violent towards a girl who showed signs of interest to her fiancÚ.

Now, I've never seen the show, but am I correctly interpreting this to mean, "She never actually showed any Clingy Jealous Girl behavior at any point in the program, but we wouldn't've been surprised if she had"? If so, then this example should be cut, because it's not an example, it's an attempt at fanon.

Jisu: One, you are deprived to never have seen Card Captor Sakura. Two, Mei-ling is a pure, unadulterated Clingy Jealous Girl. Just watch her intro episodes. She goes into a frenzy because she saw Sakura borrow Xiaolang's shirt when hers got soaked in the river and it escalates from there.

Orihime: But did she actually HIT Sakura, threaten to kill her or something? No. In fact she becomes the anti-Clingy Jealous Girl with time, willingly calling her and Syaoran's Childhood Marriage Promise off and then telling Tomoyo in tears that she loves Sakura and Shaoran too much to hate them for her heartbreak. That particular line sounded less as a valid Meiling description and MUCH MORE as Die for Our Ship bullshit coming from rabid Meiling haters (and I HAVE seen it used by rabid Sakura/Syaoran shippers who just can't forgive Meiling for liking him) so it HAS to go.

fleb: @Meocross: Where is that image from?

"Male example-Dr. Frank N Furter. Sure, he flirts with nearly everyone in the film. But, if he sees Rocky with ANYONE else besides him, he goes into a jealous rage. Janet Weiss (SLUT!) had to learn this the hard way." vijeno: I'm confused. Frank N Furter turned her into stone, but he did the same to Brad, and to Dr. Scott, and to Magenta (or Columbia? I always confuse them), and to Rocky himself. Neither of which had any sexual relations with Rocky.

Ralff: I moved this quote to Quote Wiki:

Orohime refering to Ichigo, Bleach Abridged

Because it's not an especially good quote and there's already two quotes anyway.