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Silent Hunter: We've got to have a trope entry for when 'hangers are just waved away the following season. 24 is not the only example.

Robert: Left Hanging covers that, though it could be split.

Well, shouldn't the John Doe cliffhanger be moved to the unresolved ones?

Seanette: I agree about the John Doe example, and have moved it.

Revolos55: I'm wondering what group of fans the author of the Farscape entry was hanging out with. Fan outrage was massive and a huge campaign was launched to get the show uncancelled. I have never even heard of the series finale being regarded as a bold action on the part of the showrunners, and they weren't given anywhere near enough time to change anything that had already been written. Not to mention that Farscape doesn't really belong in the Unresolved section anyway, because of the miniseries.

Guest: What's the term for rewriting the plot as part of a Cliffhanger? In particular, some old film serials show a certain death situation to major characters at the end of one episode, but explicitly rewrite of the plot on the second in direct contradiction of what was shown previously. My best choices are Deus ex Machina or Ass Pull, but those don't seem close enough