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I can't say anything for Grandia 2 and Tales of Symphonia, but I would argue against listing Final Fantasy X here because of stuff like Tidus being a dream. And I'd say the same thing about Star Ocean 3 and its plot twist. I don't think anything should be appearing both here and in I Am Not Making This Up.

Tanto: This entry is teh awesome, and I'm sure I've seen it dozens of times, but for the life of me I can't think of any really notable specific instances.

It seems to show up a lot in video game plots though. Like in the Mega Man games, where Mega and Dr. Light seem genuinely surprised every time Dr. Wily is revealed to have been The Man Behind the Man.

Fast Eddie: Spruced it up a bit. Original poster was probably watching Troopers:Federation when they wrote it and suffering some despair.

Seth: My sister was watching 8 simple rules earlier. I've never seen this show before but after watching five minuets i turned to her and said "He won't get on the basketball team, he will say he will. His mum will announce it to everyone, he will get upset, she will find out from a third party". This all happened (Yes his mum had a minor casserole related breakdown and there was a funeral but still).

Is that a cliché storm or do i just spend too much time here? (And is it wrong that i loved Startship Troopers)

Fast Eddie: Actually, Starship Troopers has some supporters. Some people get it, some don't, some do get it and still don't like it ... all that. Starship Troopers II, though ... can't say as I've ever heard anyone say it worked. Can't help you with the 8 Simple Rules thing. I gave up on it before the first act break.

Seth: ST was great because it was such a straight run of clichés that it was endearing. Not quite funny but something about it made you smile. ST 2 messed that up by thinking "The first one made money, people must want more clichés and bad acting". It's like ST 1 was so bad that it was awesome and ST 2 crossed the line back into bad.

Nerdanel: The first Starship Troopers was an intentional parody. I found it very funny, although surprisingly many people have apparently taken it as serious. I think this trope shouldn't include parodies.

Son Tenks: No-one's mentioned Eragon yet? Really?

Incidentally, it's reached the point where I can tell you who the murderer is in any episode of Law and Order within the first 10 minutes of the show.
Fast Eddie:Good lord! The same writer as II. <covers eyes>

Sikon: Moved the Hamlet example to "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny.

random surfer (contributor of the Hamlet example): Why? Can't it be in both places? I'm new.

Big T: Sure, they can. It's just that Hamlet predates most of the cliches it exemplifies. If the cliches didn't exist when the story was written, it can't be an example of a Cliché Storm.

Personally I think the third X-Men movie falls into this category. After meeting Archangel I knew how the movie would end for him, and I could predict almost every line spoken in the movie after the first 10 minutes,

Lord Seth: Removed:
  • Harry Potter was once described as the McDonald's of fantasy: "Okay if you don't care that it tastes like cardboard".
Because I honestly don't see how Harry Potter qualifies as a Cliché Storm (yes, it uses a bunch of tropes, who doesn't?) and it doesn't even give any examples other than a vague quote.