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XwingaceI remember the cheat codes for Warcraft II and StarCraft as being very amusing, not because they are classic in themselves, but because they tended to reference classics ('There Can Be Only One' and 'The Gathering' for respectively invincibility and unlimited 'magic' for instance). Do things like that rate a mention here, or is it entirely the wrong kind of category.

Seven Seals: It doesn't seem to be related to the cheat being "classic". I'm not sure whole-word cheats that obliquely refer to the thing they're affecting are trope-worthy; it's very common but also not very interesting as an observation. (The XCraft series were loaded with these, the most obscure ones being "there is no cow level" and "operation CWAL", which were in-jokes.) If you're going to use words or sentences as cheat codes, making them mean something helps, and obviously "infinite ammo" isn't a very good choice.

Csaboka: I've removed the following paragraph from the Doom cheats section:
  • In addition, the message that appeared when you activated the invincibility cheat was that "God Mode" was activated. God Mode has become the standard term in FPSes for invincibility cheats. In Half-Life 2, there was not only a God Mode cheat, but a "Buddha" mode cheat where you could be hurt, but could not have your health fall below 1.

The message that appears in Doom is actually "Degreelessness mode on"; you can check it out yourself by downloading one of the shareware versions. I don't know how this mode got called God mode, but it surely wasn't a Doom message.

banjo2E: Might I suggest this for the image? Or would the resolution be too bad when modified for the page?

Ganon42: Removed some stuff about GTA from the intro as that's an example rather than proper intro text.